Caring for Copper Cookware

Once you receive your re-tinned copper cookware it should be cared for to extend the life of the newly tinned surface. The newly tinned surface may display wipe marks and some unevenness as we apply the tin using the traditional hand wiping method. This results in a thicker layer of tin than tin plate. If cared for, the tin lining should last several years. For domestic use you can expect about 10 years before you need to have the cookware re-tinned.

You should only use non-scratch utensils with your copper cookware such as wood, silicone or plastic. This will help extend the life of the tin coating.

You should use a non-abrasive detergent, water and a sponge to clean the tinned surface. It shouldn’t be necessary to use a scourer as warming the pan with some water and detergent inside or soaking should make any burnt on food come off with ease, cleaning with your sponge in a circular motion.

You should never heat the a pan when its empty. The copper will absorb the heat at a very rapid rate. If the heat is turned up too high with an empty pan you run the risk of affecting the tin coating.

Only use a low to moderate heat when cooking with tinned copper cookware. The copper has excellent thermal conductivity and will not need much heat.