Re-Tinning Pricing

To get a good estimate on the cost of re-tinning copper cookware such as a copper pot you can measure up the side, across the diameter and down again. By adding the three measurement together, then multiplying by $3.50

e.g: 10cm + 15cm + 10cm = 35.
35 x $3.50 = $122.50

Re-tinning and polishing of average size lids is done using the same calculation method however you only use the diameter of the lid multiplied by $3.50

e.g: 15cm x $3.50 = $52.50

A discount is offered for re-tinning of a large number of pieces, (4+)

For polishing the outside of the copper only (no re-tinning), the dimensions are calculated the same way as the re-tinning/polishing but the $3.50 is replaced with $1.50. We do not do any work to the inside/tin of the item if an external polish only is requested.